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2023 Summer 3 Pack Special

Summer 2023 wine special at McKenzie Crest Wines

Because it's August in the McKenzie River area, none of us are surprised to learn a heatwave is upon us next week. That said, it's a perfect time to cool down with some delicious, chilled wines and we've got the summer survival pack ready to go! Our 2022 Dry Muscat, 2022 Rosé of Pinot Noir, and (because we all have those friends who insist they drink only red wine, no matter the conditions) we are including our robust 2021 Pinot Noir: All 3 bottles for just $70!

2022 Dry Muscat

2021 Dry Muscat at McKenzie Crest Wines

A truly delicate, easy drinking wine with notes of lemon and hints of peaches and honey. In fact, many have affectionately called this wine "adult lemonade". Harvested from the cool climate of the northern Willamette Valley and fermented to complete dryness, our Muscat delivers a refreshing sipping experience with bright acidity.

Alc. Per Vol: 11.7%
Harvest Date: September 22, 2021
Final pH: 3.2
Bottled: January 30, 2022

Bottle or Discounted Case

2022 Pinot Noir Rosé

2022 Pinot Noir Rosé at McKenzie Crest Wines

Harvested from the Van Duzer Corridor sub-AVA of the Willamette Valley, we invite you to indulge in one of Oregon's most celebrated grapes with our Rosé of Pinot Noir. This wine is beautifully light in color and has notes of Wild Strawberries and a hint of Papaya. A classic Oregon Rosé to sip with your friends, or drink it anytime you're conquering house cleaning.

Alc. Per Vol: 13.2%
Harvest Date: October 18, 2021
Final pH: 3.23
Bottled: February 28, 2023

Bottle or Discounted Case

2021 Dos Amigos Rosé of Tempranillo

2021 Dos Amigos Rosé of Tempranillo at McKenzie Crest Wines

Dos Amigos Rosé of Tempranillo is a celebration of a delicious and beloved varietal. It is also the celebration of 25 years of friendship between two friends who collaborated from harvest to bottle. Crafted by the saignée method, this Rosé was bled off ripe Tempranillo grapes and maintained skin contact for just over an hour. The result is a beautifully bold colored wine that honors the Tempranillo grape and the ideal 2021 growing season in the Willamette Valley.

Alc. Per Vol: 12.7%
Harvest Date: September 22, 2021
Final pH: 3.46
Bottled: January 30, 2022

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2021 Marechal Foch Rosé

2021 Marechal Foch Rosé at McKenzie Crest Wines

The spirit of Oregon's exploration in winemaking is captured in our Marechal Foch Rosé. This incredibly dark hybrid grape, often used in red wine blending, is scarcely approached for single varietal production, let alone crafted into Rosé! While the end result of our explorative effort is a Rosé on the dark side, it offers bright aromas of tropical fruits. Harvested from Meadows Vineyard in Halsey, Oregon, the 2021 vintage would be the last of the vineyard site. We tip our hats to the growers and count it a privilege to produce a unique Rosé from their vineyard that previously served Oregon winemakers for decades.

Alc. Per Vol: 13.5%
Harvest Date: September 6, 2021
Final pH: 3.5
Bottled: January 30, 2022

Bottle or Discounted Case

2021 Syrah Rosé

2021 Syrah Rosé at McKenzie Crest Wines

A rich and structured Rosé with notes of tart red berries, dried rose petal, and hints of melon. This bold colored wine was crafted by the saignée method, where juice was bled of ripe Syrah grapes and maintainted skin contact for just a couple of hours. Coming the diverse Columbia Valley, an AVA that we love, this Rosé is easy drinking and nuanced. Approachable for any palate.

Alc. Per Vol: 13.7%
Harvest Date: September 15, 2021
Final pH: 3.45
Bottled: January 30, 2022

Bottle or Discounted Case

2021 Pinot Noir

2021 Pinot Noir at McKenzie Crest Wines

A robust expression of Pinot Noir that is bursting with luscious flavors of cherries and pomegranate. A combination of French and American oak brings delicious complexity to the bright red berry notes and elevated aromatics. Light tannins are also present in this medium bodied, easy drinking Oregon classic.

Alc. Per Vol: 13.7%
Harvest Date: October 1, 2021
Final pH: 3.62
Bottled: July 4, 2022

Bottle or Discounted Case

2021 Barbera

2021 Barbera

Harvested from the warm climate of the Columbia Valley, this expression of Barbera is fully ripe with bright notes of cherries and mixed red fruit. Time spent on American oak contributes to the elevated aromatics and lingering finish. This is a rich, luscious Italian favorite to drink with friends and family while taking a day off from life's hectic routine. Pair with pizza, pasta, and other comfort foods.

Alc. Per Vol: 15%
Harvest Date: September 15, 2021
Final pH: 3.69
Bottled: July 4, 2022

Bottle or Discounted Case

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